Community Resource Inventory

The DC Community Resource Inventory (CRI) is a District-wide, publicly available directory that provides information about regional health, human, and social service organizations in the community that are available to District residents. Data available in the CRI include information such as organization and program description, location, contact information, service category, service eligibility, and more.

As part of the DC Community Resource Information Exchange (CoRIE) Initiative, funded by the DC Department of Healthcare Finance (DHCF), the CRI aims to address the social needs of District residents by providing a centralized resource directory of regional programs and organizations in the community. The DC CRI is built in collaboration with various regional data stewards that curate information about community-based and social service organizations that address unmet social needs.

The CRI is a component of the DC Health Information Exchange (HIE) and is currently maintained by the DC Primary Care Association, in partnership with the Open Referral Initiative, with technology developed by Sarapis.

Information in the DC CRI is regularly curated and verified with support from a network of partner organizations who ensure that the directory represents the most up to-date information on various social domains (i.e., transportation, housing, food). Regional data stewards that contribute information to the DC CRI also share information maintenance responsibilities. Collection and verification of this information is an ongoing process.

As a component of the DC HIE, the DC CRI is guided by a dedicated subcommittee of the DC HIE Policy Board. The CRI subcommittee is tasked with developing recommendations and evaluating standards for the curation, exchange, and maintenance of community resource directory data through the DC HIE infrastructure. These and other governance policies are currently under development.

There are 3 ways to access the same information about community programs and resources in the DC CRI:

  1. Districts residents and other members of the public can access the DC CRI at
  2. DC HIE connected providers can access the DC CRI via the web-based CRISP DC Portal
  3. Local organizations can leverage the DC CRI’s API to deliver resource information through third-party applications via:
  • For questions regarding the DC HIE or the HIE Policy Board, please contact DHCF at
  • For questions about the data available on the CRI, connection via the DC CRI API, or to otherwise get involved with this initiative, please contact David Poms at
  • Learn more about the DC CRI initiative in this blog post on


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