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CRISP has launched a new consent tool, which enables Substance Use Disorder (SUD) providers who have executed a qualified service agreement (QSOA) to share data protected by 42 CFR Part 2 through the HIE upon patient consent. This tool aims to improve care coordination between SUD providers and other health care providers, strengthen continuity of care for patients throughout SUD treatment levels, and ease workflow burden when obtaining consent and disclosing information.

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Consent Tool Webinar – May 2023
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CRISP DC Consent Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

CRISP DC is an affiliate of CRISP Shared Services and is the designated health information exchange (HIE) in the District of Columbia. An HIE is a way of instantly sharing health information among doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, and other healthcare organizations.

Not all SUD treatment providers are sharing information with CRISP DC. You can ask your SUD provider if they are sharing information with CRISP DC. New providers are added each day, but your SUD provider should tell you if they share information with CRISP DC. Currently, the only data CRISP DC receives from any SUD provider is a list of their patients. The Care Team’s contact information is available upon submitting a patient’s consent registration. We do not currently receive any clinical data (lab results, discharge summaries, etc.) but this data could be added at any time and would be shared if you select “Disclose All SUD Treatment Data” on the consent form(s). In the future, CRISP DC will engage SUD providers in the District to share their clinical data with the HIE.

The provider consent form allows members of your healthcare team, including your hospital providers, primary care providers, and specialists to view your SUD data. The SUD information is only shared with healthcare providers who list you as a patient in their practice or at the hospital. Providers must have an existing patient relationship to view your SUD data in the HIE.

You may choose the expiration date at the bottom of the form. By default, it will expire one year from the date you sign the form. For telehealth patients, all fields on the paper SUD form, including the expiration date, must be completed in order to register the consent.

You may revoke your consent at any time by asking your provider to log-on to CRISP DC and deactivate the consent registration. CRISP DC will immediately stop sharing your SUD data. This will not apply to information that was shared while your consent was active.

If you do not submit the consent form, CRISP DC will not share any of your SUD treatment data. We will shield your SUD data and not share it with anyone. If you choose to submit a consent at a later date, we will share your SUD data with your healthcare team at that time.

CRISP DC will NOT share any of your data with law enforcement or with the legal system. Your SUD information will only be shared with your healthcare team if you submit the consent form and will be shared with no one if you do not submit the form.

Yes, you can request an accounting of disclosures from CRISP DC. This list of providers will include everyone who has seen any of your data in CRISP DC, including your SUD data. You can request that list by completing the webform at

CRISP DC policy is that your provider may not force or require you to submit this form. You must be given a choice of whether to submit the form and what type and amount of information you wish to share with your health care providers and/or payer(s).

When you share your SUD treatment information, members of your healthcare team will be aware that you are currently in SUD treatment or that you have been in the past. Some patients prefer to keep this information private and only share it with specific providers. Your SUD treatment information cannot be used to discriminate against you or deny you care. If you believe this has happened, please contact your SUD treatment provider.

This consent form is used only for you to allow your SUD treatment information to be shared to CRISP Shared Services affiliate HIEs. Your SUD provider may have other consent or release of information forms for you to complete to share information directly with others

If you have questions about your SUD treatment information, please talk directly to your SUD provider. In addition, you can find more information about federal law protecting your SUD treatment information at the SAMHSA website,

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