Patient Opt-out

CRISP is securely connected to hospitals and other health care providers. These organizations decide what patient information they would like to share with other providers through CRISP. Some organizations don’t share any information and simply use CRISP to view information shared by other providers. All District of Columbia hospitals share some basic information about their patients such as when they have been admitted to or discharged from a hospital. Hospitals and other health care providers decide what other types of information such as lab results or hospital paperwork that they want to share. CRISP also shows your providers when other providers have signed up to be alerted about your hospital visits.

Doctors or your other health care providers can search CRISP to view your health information and can sign up to be contacted when you visit a hospital.

When a patient opts out of participation in the HIE, doctors and nurses will not be able to search for their health information through the HIE to use during treatment. An HIE is a way of instantly sharing health information among doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, and other healthcare organizations.

Additionally, information is not available for research. Physicians and other treating providers will still be able to select the HIE as a way to receive patient lab results, radiology reports, and other data sent directly to them that they may have previously received by fax, mail, or other electronic communications. Any information that a doctor may have seen in CRISP and entered into your medical record before you opted out will stay in your medical record with that doctor but will not be shared through CRISP. Your doctors will still be able to select CRISP to get your data sent directly to them from labs.

How Do I Opt-Out?

Opting out of the CRISP HIE network is easy. You can do it three ways:

Get started with CRISP DC

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