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CRISP’s main goal is to deliver the right health information to the right place at the right time to enable safe, timely, effective, equitable, and patient-centered care. CRISP is committed to ensuring that District partners are securely sharing data to facilitate better patient care, reduce costs, and improve overall health outcomes. Click here to learn more about our products, projects and initiatives.


A Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is a way of sharing health information among participating doctors’ offices, hospitals, care coordinators, labs, radiology centers, community-based organizations, managed care organizations and other healthcare providers through secure, electronic means.

There are many health care delivery scenarios driving the technology behind the different forms of health information exchange available today. The purpose is so that each participating healthcare provider can have the benefit of the most recent information available from other participating providers.

CRISP Shared Services Affiliation

CRISP DC is an affiliate of CRISP Shared Services. The CSS affiliation structure allows for the sharing of technology, costs, and best practices amongst the participating regions. The advantages of being an affiliate in CRISP Shared Services is that the District is able to obtain HIE infrastructure and innovative technology at lower costs while operating as an independent District governed entity.

Other CRISP Shared Services affiliates include CRISP Maryland, West Virginia Health Information Network and HealtheConnect Alaska.

Mission – Vision

Our Mission

We will enable and support the healthcare community of the District and our region to appropriately and securely share data in order to facilitate care, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes.

Our Vision

To advance health and wellness by deploying health information technology solutions adopted through cooperation and collaboration.

District Governance and Designation Through the DC HIE

The DC HIE is a system of HIE entities that meet common privacy and security standards to support the secure electronic exchange of health information. HIE entities participating in the DC HIE will attest to meeting certain privacy, security, use, and access requirements.

DHCF designated CRISP DC to serve as the District’s HIE to provide core exchange services to the healthcare system across Washington, DC. The DC HIE is guided by the DC HIE Policy Board, an advisory body, appointed by the Mayor, that provides recommendations to DHCF.

In 2012, the Mayor of the District of Columbia established the HIE Policy Board to provide recommendations on the secure and protected exchange of health information in the District. The District’s HIE efforts are guided by this twenty-two (22) member volunteer Board that includes representatives from District-based provider associations, hospitals, health systems, payers, providers, Medicaid beneficiaries, information technologists, and District of Columbia Government agencies.

The District’s “HIE Rule” (Chapter 87, District of Columbia Health Information Exchange, of Title 29, DCMR) authorizes DHCF to oversee and administer the DC HIE. The DC HIE is a marketplace of District Registered and Designated HIE entities that work together to ensure health information exchange is private, secure, and effective.

Community Partners

The mission of the Department of Health Care Finance is to improve health outcomes by providing access to comprehensive, cost-effective and quality healthcare services for residents of the District of Columbia.

Board of Directors

Brendan Furlong, MD (Chair)

Vice President & Chief Medical Information Officer
MedStar Medical Group
Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine

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Don Blanchon

Chief Executive Officer
Wasque Advisors

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Jacqueline D. Bowens

President and Chief Executive Officer
DC Hospital Association

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Karen M. Dale, RN

Chief Executive Officer & Chief DEI Officer,
AmeriHealth DC

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Tollie B. Elliott, Sr., MD

Chief Executive Officer
Mary’s Center

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Patricia Morehead

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
MedStar Health System

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LaQuandra S. Nesbitt, MD, MPH

Former Director of the District of Columbia Department of Health

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Bruno Petinaux, MD

Chief Medical Officer
George Washington University Hospital

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Hasan A. Zia, MD, MBA, FACS

President and Chief Operating Officer
Sibley Memorial Hospital

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Craig Behm

Chief Executive Officer
CRISP and CRISP Shared Services (Ex-Officio)

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Stephanie Brown
Executive Director
Nichole Sweeney
Chief Privacy Officer
Ronald Emeni
Program Manager
Elizabeth Mulugeta
Outreach Manager
Aida Semere
Senior Project Manager
Corrine Jimenez
Project Manager
Corey Main
Project Manager
J’Marshanae Rush
Project Manager
Joi Perry
Account Manager
Francesca Charles
Provider Relations Coordinator
Ashley Braswell
Provider Relations Coordinator
Jamie Gittelman
Financial and Operations Analyst
Linda Nguyen
Program Coordinator
Abby Lutz
Chidera Ogwulu
Priya Byati



CRISP begins: at a Spring meeting between John Erickson and the CIOs of Maryland’s three largest hospital systems, asking how to make medical records for seniors available when they visit the hospital.


CRISP named Maryland’s designated statewide HIE.


CRISP connects first provider organizations.


CRISP Portal Live & all Maryland hospitals are connected.


Encounter Notification Service goes live.


First D.C. hospital connected.


First CCDA Routing at hospital discharge.


  • CRISP DC is formed.
  • West Virginia’s West Virginia Health Information Network (WVHIN) affiliates with CRISP and introduction of ENS PROMPT – InContext Alerts.


CRISP DC formalizes under local governance and agreement with The Government of the District of Columbia’s Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) to implement five HIE initiatives.


• IAPD Core HIE Grant: DHCF awarded a 5-year grant to CRISP DC for the continued development and deployment of Core HIE Services
• Implementation of Incontext and Single Sign on (SSO) in the District Hospitals
• Lab Data available in Health Records
• Image exchange Program available to DC hospitals
• Partnership with DC Fire and EMS providing users alerts for ambulance-based encounters
• Specialized care management enrollment registry live
• The Community Resource Information Exchange Technical Solution (CoRIE) Development Grant is awarded to CRISP DC


  • CRISP DC designated the designated district-wide HIE on April 13, 2020
  • Maine HIE (Health Info Net) partners with CRISP to implement the InContext App
  • Connecticut HIE CONNIE affiliates with CRISP
  • The Consent Management Solution grant is awarded to CRISP DC to develop a technical solution to enable the exchange of behavioral health information, including SUD protected by 42 CFR Part 2
  • CRISP DC Reporting Services application Live – advanced analytics for Population Health management
  • DC Provider Directory available in ULP
  • CRISP DC partners with DC Public School (DCPS) and the Children’s National Health Network on the Chronic Absenteeism Reduction Effort (CARE) Grant


  • Health Data Utility – Key infrastructure built to support the pandemic response is becoming part of long-term public health efforts. The Vaccine Tracking Service enables proactive patient outreach. Data feeds into CRISP are used for multiple purposes, as allowed, thereby reducing provider burden.
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