Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the CRISP DC team directly through the form below. If you would like to contact our dedicated support desk for assistance with an IT issue, please email or call (833) 580-4646.

For Patients

Yes, patients can choose not to make their data available in CRISP. This is called opting-out. If you opt-out of CRISP, none of your data will be shared with any healthcare provider that you see for your care. You cannot pick and choose which healthcare providers you want to see your data and which ones you don’t.

Yes, you can opt-in to CRISP at any time. Patients who want to opt back into CRISP should call the Support Line at (833) 580-4646. The patient will need to give the support team the same information they gave when they opted out.

No. CRISP does not share any of your information with employers.

Contact CRISP support at (833) 580-4646 immediately, and we will investigate it. You can also talk to your doctor who participates with CRISP.

At this time, CRISP does not have a way to share information with patients. CRISP is working on the technology that will allow us to process patient requests for information shared through CRISP. This will include validating the requester’s identity and relationship with the patient. In the meantime, you can ask your healthcare provider what information they share with CRISP.

If you believe there is a mistake in your medical record, you should talk to your doctor or health care provider. They created your medical record, and they are the only ones who can change it. You can contact CRISP, and we can give you a list of health care providers who have shared information about you, but CRISP cannot change your medical record.

Yes, your current health insurance company (or payor) CAN access your data via CRISP for care coordination and management and for quality improvement purposes. Your insurance company CANNOT access your medical records via CRISP for benefit or eligibility determination.

No, currently CRISP does not notify your providers if you have opted out of CRISP. In the future, this may change, and your new providers may be notified if you have opted out (to improve their understanding of why there may be no information available about you via the network).

For Users

Encounter Notification Service (ENS)

Your practice will provide a list of patients for whom you would like to receive alerts. If one of your patients, Mary for example, is admitted to the hospital, you will receive a real-time alert that Mary was admitted. You can also receive a notification upon Mary’s discharge, at which time you can choose to log into the CRISP Clinical Query Portal and view Mary’s discharge summary.

You can receive notices for patients with whom you have a current doctor-patient relationship, and when your role makes it generally appropriate to be informed about a hospitalization.

Patients have the right to opt out of notifications and other CRISP services. While only a small percentage of people typically choose not to participate, it is important that patients are given the opportunity and information to make that choice. Your practice will need to identify participation in the health information exchange in your Notice of Privacy Practices and keep information on hand to provide to patients who may want to opt out.

CRISP receives information from hospitals in near real time and will send notifications within moments of an encounter being recorded in the hospital’s own electronic medical record.

At this time CRISP cannot send clinical information with your notification. You can log into the CRISP portal for additional information pertaining to the hospitalization.

Notifications are delivered directly to the individual responsible for a patient’s care via a number of secure methods including DIRECT, the national standard for secure email. CRISP can provide a DIRECT inbox to you at minimal cost.

ENS is a service provided in partnership with area hospitals. There is no cost for ambulatory providers, but you must be associated with a partnership hospital to use ENS.

Please contact us at and let us know you are interested. A CRISP representative will help you start the process. Thank you for your interest in CRISP!

Clinical Query Portal

No. The CRISP Portal is available through the Internet. All you need is an Internet connection.

The CRISP Portal is currently free to ambulatory practices.

In order to get started using the query portal, an organization must sign a CRISP Participation agreement either for single sites or for organizations with multiple sites and must update its Notice of Privacy Practices documents. If your organization has already signed a participation agreement, you will be able to skip this step during the onboarding process.

  • The participation agreement is the uniform data sharing agreement signed by every organization that participates in CRISP. It ensures that everyone sharing data follows the same rules and regulations.
  • Updating your NPP ensures that your practice does its part to inform patients about how CRISP is being used to deliver and coordinate care and informs them of the right to opt out.
  • Organizations must have CRISP Opt-Out Forms (Spanish Form) on site to distribute to patients who ask for one. They must also maintain copies of the Patient Factsheets in registration areas.
  • New users without an agreement will be prompted to upload one during the onboarding process.

In addition, an organization must:

  • Submit LabCorp/Quest Data Release Form if it wishes to make its results available in CRISP.
  • Send a patient panel (all patients seen within the last 18 months) using DIRECT secure email to . This patient list will be used to audit your organization’s future activity to help ensure appropriate use. Here is a sample Patient Panel.
  • To send us your panel, please email to request a DIRECT secure email address. Then, follow these instructions.

Please submit any further questions below.

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