PopHealth Analytics

PopHealth Analytics provides secure access to healthcare data and related analytics tools to assist healthcare organizations in improving patient care throughout the District of Columbia. PopHealth enables population-level and panel-level management using clinical and administrative data.

The PopHealth suite of reports is designed with a diverse group of DC HIE users in mind to support their analyses and interventions. The analytics can assist users in planning and developing care coordination efforts for targeted chronic conditions, beneficiaries of interest, and more!

The reports permit users to:

  • Analyze aggregate demographic data, health utilization and other metrics for patients in a panel.
  • Analyze data points for populations based on chronic disease, SDOH, timeframes, and classifications to identify high-risk beneficiaries.
  • Monitor progress on nationally recognized quality measures.
  • Visualize data to help strengthen communication across clinical and non-clinical settings.

How to Access PopHealth Analytics

The PopHealth Analytics reports and features can be accessed directly through the CRISP DC HIE Portal https://idp.crisphealth.org/

For new users seeking access to available analytics reports for patient care improvement, please reach out to Francesca Charles, CRISP DC Reporting & Analytics Coordinator, via email at Francesca.Charles@crisphealth.org. Alternatively, you can contact the DC Outreach team at dcoutreach@crisphealth.org for assistance with credentialing or inquiries about access.

Request Assistance

To receive additional support and training, please contact the DC Outreach team by emailing dcoutreach@crisphealth.org or  Francesca.Charles@crisphealth.org.



Population Navigator
Population Summary Reports
Utilization and Quality Reports
CMS Core Set Measures Report
Medicaid Payment Reports
Prescription Drug Reports
Readmission Reduction Reports
ADT & CCD Availability Reports
Skilled Nursing Facility Reports
Redetermination Report
HIV Suppression Viral Load Reports
Social Determinants of Health Reports

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