Helping Healthcare Providers Adopt Digital Health Technologies and Achieve HIE Connectivity in the District

CRISP DC has partnered with the eHealthDC team to provide technical assistance for HCBS eligible providers to securely share data with the DC HIE to facilitate better patient care, reduce costs, and improve overall health outcomes for patient-centered care.

The program rewards HCBS providers for meeting milestones to select, adopt, and implement certified health IT and/or approved case management systems. It also ensures telehealth services may be provided at the standard of care by as many District Medicaid HCBS providers as possible.

The HCBS Digital Health TA Program promotes interoperability by adopting, implementing, or upgrading EHR technology to improve the capture of patient information and enable the ability to meet Medicaid and DBH reporting requirement.

CRISP DC is excited to announce that all DBH certified providers and over 50 behavioral health organizations are now sharing data with the DC HIE. Some of these providers fall under 42 CFR Part 2 regulations, which require additional consent to view data related to a patient’s SUD treatment. Once consent is registered for the patient, other members of the patient’s care team will be able to see any data related to the patient’s SUD treatment. The ability to see this additional data helps coordinate care between different members of the patient’s care team.

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