Population Explorer

Population Explorer is a new and improved notification service tool designed to enhance your experience with. This tool provides a more user-friendly interface for clinicians and care teams to review their patient’s encounters.

Population Explorer an easy-to-use interface for clinicians or a patient’s care team to access their patients’ latest encounters and each patient’s six-month encounter history. Upon login to the CRISP-DC Portal this tool will be seamlessly integrated in your view as a separate widget.

The reports permit users to:

  • Access and Review: Users can view and export latest encounters of patients on their panel.
  • Filtering Capabilities: Efficiently filter data available in an encounter based on your specific inquiries.
  • Intra-Portal Navigation: Click into other information available in HIE portal directly from the widget. This includes clinical information, referrals, and prescription drug monitoring, where available.

How to Access PopHealth Analytics

The PopHealth Analytics reports and features can be accessed directly through the CRISP DC HIE Portal https://idp.crisphealth.org/

For new users seeking access to Population Explorer for patient care coordination, please reach out to your organization’s HIE Administrator. Alternatively, you can contact the DC Outreach team at dcoutreach@crisphealth.org for assistance with credentialing or inquiries about access.

Request Assistance

To receive additional support and training, please contact the DC Outreach team by emailing dcoutreach@crisphealth.org.


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