What is Image Exchange?

Image Exchange is a service that enables users to share patient images with other healthcare organizations in high-quality diagnostic format through the HIE Web Portal or the InContext Application integrated within their EHR. This image sharing can optimize patient care by reducing wait times, radiation exposure, and unnecessary duplicate studies while improving outcomes.

Who Can Access the Images My Organization Shares?

Facilities must share radiology reports to be considered Image Exchange Participants and contribute images to the HIE. Any user with access to a patient’s health record in the HIE Portal or directly through the InContext Application within their EHR can view shared images, which streamlines communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

User Story

I had a patient appointment following up from a mid July visit to discuss a referral to pain management about her chronic low back pain.  She had seen pain management, and he had ordered an MRI.  She had brought the disc because she wanted me to see it.  She is supposed to get an epidural injection today.

There were no reports in the chart and the MA was too busy to go and pull the report.  I took the plunge and logged in and pulled up the image.  I really did not know how to navigate and the image was challenging to see.  But I pulled up a google image first that showed clearer anatomy of a normal MRI of the lumbar spine and then I clicked over to the imagine of her spine in CRISP and showed her the disc bulge.

I told her that she was the first patient that I had used this feature.  She got a kick out of that.  But that is a perfect example of how imagine capture can be used in primary care.  I did not order it and there was no report received from pain management, but I did the referral.  I copied the impression from the written report and pasted it into my note.

I was able to close the loop for the patient, document the results and reassured the patient that I had access to all of her information.  All within 15 minutes with just a few clicks.

-Dr. Eric Marshall

Interested in learning more about Image Exchange?

Contact Reporting & Analytics Coordinator, Francesca Charles: francesca.charles@crisphealth.org